Self Release 2012

Best Of All TimeMusic Type:
[Single] Format: Digital File
Country: Worldwide

Taken from the EP Undeniable


Written and produced by Taryll Jackson
Vocals by Taryll Jackson

Photo by Taj Jackson


On his birthday Taryll Jackson released his second solo single “Best of All Time” which he tributed to his uncle Michael Jackson. The song is taken from the EP “Undeniable” and available as digital download.

The cover photos were made by Taj Jackson while Taryll’s first born son, Bryce, serves as Michael Jackson model.

Writing and recording this song was an emotional roller coaster. I’d find myself laughing, reminiscing on wonderful memories which usually led to tears. I enjoyed singing his ad-libs the most. It was fun trying to incorparate many of his songs. I dedicate “Best of All Time” to my late Uncle, Michael Jackson, and to all the Michael Jackson fans around the world. He will always be my biggest inspiration. He will always be loved and missed. He will always be THE BEST OF ALL TIME. *foreverMJJ
Taryll Jackson