Who Is 3T Fans United?

The 3T Fans United Network and Community is one of the premier non commercial and non profit online destinations for 3T enthusiasts from around the globe. Created by fans for fans, it is dedicated to 3T – TJ, Taj and Taryll Jackson: Three Brothers, Three Voices – One Dream.

We Connect Fans

Our moto is every fan has a voice, every fan has an opinion. We connect 3T fans around the world giving them a platform to meet fellow fans. We are longtime fans supporting 3T since 3T took off in 1995 and we work tirelessly to provide a serious work on 3T’s career out in front.

We Are Two

3tfansunited.com and its social media is run and maintained by 3T fan Christine while Dineke works entirelessly on ideas how to collect money for the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation.

Christine Krüger
Editor-in-chief, social media

Dineke Sloot
Fundraising for the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation

When We Took Off

3T Fans United was originally founded by fellow fan Jana. In 2003, 3T Fans United started off as 3T Fan Club Germany but after three years of activity the fan club merged into 3T Fans United. It has been run and known under this name ever since.

We Are Loyal

When 3T took a break, many fellow fan sites, fan clubs and even fans disappeared… But we have been there ever since. Besides running our own web site, you can find 3T Fans United on all major social media networks.

We Have Grown

As we’ve grown, so has our community and network. 3T Fans United became one of the premier 3T Fan Communities and Networks with currently over 800 members and 4,000 followers from all over the world. We feel very proud that our network and community has been negativity and drama free so far. This is very important to us.

Together we stand… UNITED… for 3T!

All our dedication, passion and heart goes into the 3T Fans United Network and Community. We will always love and support 3T, now and ever!

We Are Thankful

Special thanks to Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson for their awesome music, their humbleness and love. And also to Janneke van der Linden (Jackson Source, 3T Memories), Donna Williams and Wenxia Lin for their great support, information and advices.

We also want to thank all fellow 3T fans for their kind support and the many contributions they made, without which the website would not have much of the content, both words and pictures, that it contains.

We Give Credit

3T.com, 3Tmemories.com, Discogs.com, Eil.com, Jacksonsource.com

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3T, Renaud Corlouer, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson, Janneke van der Linden, Christine Krüger and fellow 3T fans

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