3T’s Top 10 of Michael Jackson Songs

Today on Dutch radio FunX 3T – TJ, Taj and Taryll Jackson – presented the Top 10 of their favourite Michael Jacksons songs and talked with Fernando about memories they connect to these songs and time they spent with their uncle.

3T’s Top 10

  1. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

    We all love this song – P.Y.T. I remember being in the car asking my uncle why he didnt’t perform it ever live. […] He just said to me that some songs are really good to listen to but they don’t carry through on performances.

  2. Smooth Criminal

    I remember playing that song, I just couldn’t understand a word but I knew I loved it.

  3. They Don’t Care About Us

    People forget it was a statement that he was making. […] Things got put out of context. And it kind of overshadowed that song in a way. Now people coming back realising it but it overshadowed. And tried to kill the album with it in America.

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  5. Wanna Be Startin’ Something

    He was always trying to be like everyone else […], just to have a normal life. But at the same time he knew what he needed to do with the world in terms of the mission and stuff like that. And spread love and peace throughout. That kept him going.

  6. The Way You Make Me Feel

    This is my grandmosther’s favourite song. […] It’s a powerful songs and it’s pure and clean. She loves this.

  7. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

    I remember seeing the video the first time my uncle played it for me. And there is a part where three of them come out. […] It’s like an effect thing. And I remember him telling me, that one of them was Randy, one of them was him, and one of them was Marlon.

  8. Billie Jean

    It was a Motown a special. So my uncle had to say if ‘you want me be part of it, I gotta play my new single’. And that was Billie Jean.

  9. Human Nature

    It’s one of my favourite. It’s just a beautifully sounding song. The vocals are smooth, all the instruments just match perfectly. [..] It’s interesting too because we just performed it. And when we were singing it, it’s like ‘Do we try to sound like my uncle or do we do our version of it?’.


  10. Black Or White

    I think everyone should know by now, he suffered from a skin disease – vitiglio. […] That had to do a lot with the different shades my uncle [had].

  11. Man in the Mirror

    This is just him. […] It’s about change and being positive and giving back to the world.

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