Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!

On April 1st, the birthday of Dee Dee Jackson, we celebrate 3T Day year after year. Each heart of every 3T fan holds a special place for Dee Dee. She was and still is the biggest inspiration and motivation for 3T.

Dee Dee is greatly missed by her loved ones – her family, friends and above all by her three sons. It’s amazing to see how Taj, Taryll and TJ are doing everything to make their beloved mom proud. And we are pretty sure, she would feel very very proud to see her sons having set up the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) in dedication to their mother’s life.

It’s obvious, Dee Dee was a great role model for her sons by doing a lot of charity work in her lifetime. She had a clear mission in life:

To protect, love and guide as many people as possible—near and far, family, friend or stranger. Her life was dedicated to improving lives, making positive change and spreading love. To her, nothing was impossible or insurmountable—dedicating her time and resources to raising money for schools, communities, and foundations focused on children

Today – through the DDJF – the lives of many children in need get turned around in the name of Dee Dee Jackson. Additionally, through the Power of Love show on LA Talk Radio, sponsored by the DDJF, Taj, Taryll and TJ provide a supportive platform where we as adults can learn from each other, listen and be there for each other. We are so thankful for all the support and information provided.

Because it’s 3T Day today, we will make a donation to the DDJF to honor Dee Dee’s birthday. Every single dollar helps children in need. What about you? Are you going to join in and donate as well?

Please help us to turn 3T Day into Dee Dee Donation Day!

You can make your donation via ddjf.org

Credit: 3T

Today we honor Dee Dee and send all our love and support to Taj, Taryll and TJ.

Dee Dee  was a supermom doing it all, PA meetings, schoolboard, little league and charity work.
Tito Jackson

We wish you a Happy birthday, Dee Dee. You will be in our hearts forever.

Much love – 3T Fans United.

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