3T Sue ‘Radar Online’ Over Abuse Reports

Photo: ITV

Photo: ITV

As reported by various online media, Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson are suing the gossip site ‘Radar Online’ over reports that they were allegedly sexually abused and bribed by their uncle Michael Jackson.
Represented by attorney Bert Fields, Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson filed a $100 million libel lawsuit against Radar Online on 27th of June, 2016.

The lawsuit is 3T’s reply to a series of articles published by the gossip website in June defaiming the late Michael Jackson and his nephews.

According to media reports, Radar Online claims that newly discovered documents from a 2003 raid of his Neverland Ranch home show Michael Jackson had been “stockpiling images of pornography, animal torture, S&M and gore in a bid to seduce innocent young boys”. The gossip site also cites a “private investigator with direct knowledge of the raids” saying “the report cites Michael even used sexy photos of his own nephews, who were in the band 3T, in their underwear to excite young boys.”

Attorney Bert Fields states in the complaint that the statements are entirely false and defamatory. According to the complaint “Radar has tried to profit by launching a vicious and unrelenting attack on [Jackson] based on claims that, years ago, he was guilty of sexual abuse, even though, at the time, he was found ‘not guilty’ of that very charge. Radar represents its ‘reports’ as ‘new’ and based on official ‘Detective Reports.’ Not only have those Detective Reports been available to the public for many years, Radar has misrepresented what the Reports say.”

The complaint explains that “each of [the Jackson nephews] has been damaged personally and professionally” as a direct and proximate result of the publication of Radar’s libelous stories. Fields emphasizes that “none of them was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him” and that “none of plaintiffs ever, in any way, resisted any effort by detectives to inquire about Michael Jackson’s supposed criminal conduct.”

According to the complaint, Michael Jackson’s nephews asked for a correction of Radar Online’s stories which got refused.

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