“The Jacksons: Next Generation” Launch Event

On 29th September media got the chance to meet cast and producers of their new docuseries THE JACKSONS: NEXT GENERATION at the Launch event at the Jackson Family’s Estate in Encino, California.

Lifetime is introducing viewers to TJ, Taryll and Taj Jackson who are the sons of Tito Jackson and nephews of Michael Jackson. The docuseries follows them in six epsiodes as they work to balance a career and their lives as traditional family men while living up to the pressures and demands that comes with the Jackson family name.

As music group 3T, the they have toured and sold more than three million records worldwide just off their debut album. Still impacted by the loss of their mother, Dee Dee, the brothers are raising their children and managing the day-to-day tasks within their families, just like everyone else. Their quest for normalcy, however, often collides head-on with the good and bad of living with one of history’s most renowned last names.

The series reveals what it’s like for them living with the last name Jackson including how they deal with constant rumors, stalkers, and frauds who all want a piece of anything and anyone related to the family’s legacy.

THE JACKSONS: NEXT GENERATION premieres on Lifetime on Friday, October 2, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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