Code Z Movie

Copyright (c) Taj Jackson

Copyright (c) Taj Jackson

Congrats to Taj! It looks like the Code Z movie will be coming out next year. Taj Jackson, Thaisa Sco, Thayana Sco and Thaina Sco are going to collaborate with Kimberley Kates at Big Screen Entertainment Group. Big Screen Entertainment Group has optioned the rights to the new script by Taj Jackson and the Brazilian Sco triplets (Thaisa, Thaina, and Thayana Sco) on the zombie movie CODE Z.

BSEG has come aboard as a producer and distributor, talks are underway with a major studio for wide release. Taj is also going to be on board to direct.

Such great news and so richly deserved. Looks like all his efforts on CODE Z finally are going to pay off. We are so happy for Taj!!!

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