In November we feature Dineke from Zwolle. She has been a 3T fan since Brotherhood Era. She’s telling us some of her 3T experiences in our series of ‘Featured Fans’ interviews.

Photo: Dineke

Photo: Dineke

Name: Dineke
Age: 25-34
Hometown: Zwolle
Occupation: Nurse
3T Fan since: Brotherhood Era
Favourite 3T Song: Anything, Power of love, Why
Favourite 3T Album: Brotherhood

When and how did you discover 3T first?

Hearing the song Anything on the radio in the top 40.

What was the first thing that attracted you to 3T?

The harmonies in their voices.

When did you first see 3T live and what was it like?

The first time i saw 3T live was in 2014 at remember the 90’s in Ahoy Rotterdam. I started tearing up when they started singing. And somehow started screaming?! Haha i did not know what came over me. It was amazing and a life ling dream came true that night by watching them preform.


Photo: Dineke

What was the craziest thing that you have done for 3T?

Uhm waiting at airport Schiphol for hours after 3 hours of sleep on another fans sofa. To wave 3T goodbye. It felt a bit awkward and stalker like. I will probably just say goodbye next time and leave 😉. To respect privacy ☺.

What is the importance of 3T’s music and the 3T fandom in your life?

3t music is the soundtrack of my live. Their lyrics are powerful, their harmony beautiful and their melodies calm me down when i am stressed.
I feel blessed being a fan of 3T. Most 3T fans feel like family near or far are very nice and accept each other for who they are. And me for who I am. It is nice to be a part of that.

Any story or anecdote related to 3T you would like to share?

In 1997 i could not go to the TMF Awards to see 3T preform. It was on TV and my brother was annoying me. So I closed the glass door to the living room. And turn the sound of the tv up so I could hear 3T. My brother came running to the living room again and did not see the glass door. He went trough it. There was blood and glass everywhere. So I still did not see 3T! Haha my brother was oke just some scratches.

Have you met many fellow 3T fans and what does this community means to you?

Yes first in 2015 and later when we organized the surprise. This community is very important to me. Being a part of it you definitely feel the power of love!

Do you ever get strange reactions from non-fans because you are such a big 3T fan?

Always, I keep my 3T fandom private and only share with close friends. Because when you explain who 3T is you always get the discussion about their uncle Michael and other family members. I will always stick up for the Jackson family. Some people just do not get it.

What other music do you like besides 3T?

90’s music. I am just a 90’s girl i think 😉

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