We start our new ‘Featured Fan’ series introducing our team member Christine. She has been a 3T fan since Brotherhood era. And she also worked behind the scenes to relaunch our 3T Fans United website. You can hear some of her 3T experiences in our series of ‘Featured Fan’ interviews.


Photo: Christine / 3T Fans United

Name: Christine
Age: 35-44
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
3T Fan since: Brotherhood era
Favourite 3T Song: Anything (because that’s how all took off)
Favourite 3T Album: Can’t decide between Brotherhood and Chapter III

When and how did you discover 3T first?

Must have been around 1995, I was playing my radio while lying in bed. Anything was the first song I heard and I fell in love with that song straight away! Among my mates 3T was something unusal, I think. But I loved 3T’s music and that’s how my 3T passion began! First only listening, years later I got involved in fan activities.

What was the first thing that attracted you to 3T?

I think it’s their humbleness! They truly love their fans and are very grounded.

When did you first see 3T live and what was it like?

It was at the Hammersmith Concert in London which was recorded for ITV’s Big Reunion TV show. If you’d ask me, 3T got the best support of all bands performing.

What was the craziest thing that you have done for 3T?

All the travelling to UK and Netherlands just to see 3T performing. I love travelling and I love seeing 3T. That’s why I simply can’t wait till 3T return to Germany one day. Not sure if Dutch and UK fans understand how lucky they have been!

What is your favourite 3T moment?

Recording a video message by 3T for 3T Fans United in London. It happened on the day I was supposed to go back to Germany. First it seemed impossible to work out as 3T were on a tight schedule and my flight was about to leave late afternoon. But just before going to the airport I got the chance to catch up shortly with Taj, Taryll and TJ during their lunch break between their radio interview marathon promoting the Big Reunion Boyband Tour. After that I immiadiatley went to the airport!

What is the importance of 3T’s music and the 3T fandom in your life?

I listen to their music almost every day. Even my alarm ring tone is music by 3T. As I’m part of 3T Fans United team, I dedicate quite a bit of my spare time to 3T and this website. Taj, Taryll and TJ are an inspiration for me and continue to be.

Tell us a bit about the 3T Fans United web site…

When we switched our webspace provider, we decided time was right to set up a brand new website. There was lots work done in the background, it took us longer than expected but we hope it was worth the endless hours we spent on it.

Any story or anecdote related to 3T you would like to share?

When I visited London for the very first time, it happened that Taj, Taryll and TJ were also in London. 3T organized a get together with its fans, so I ended up at a 3T Meet and Greet just by accident. That’s why I got their autographs signed into my London guide book. This Meet and Greet also made me becoming a member of the 3T Fans United team. But that’s another story…

Have you met many fellow 3T fans and what does this community means to you?

I met many awesome people thanks to 3T, some are friends of mine now. 3T have the best fans in the world and I’m so thankful I got to know amazing people both online and in person through this community.

Do you ever get strange reactions from non-fans because you are such a big 3T fan?

Not everyone understands my enthusiasm for 3T, but doesn’t anyone have a weird passion?

What other music do you like besides 3T?

Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Eagles, Michael Kiwanuka, Quadro Nuevo, Beatles, Sting, just to name a few. I love listening to music but I’m bad at remembering song titles!

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