Christmas – the Season of Giving

angel-564351_640-01Hi everyone,

welcome back to my blog! Christmas season is just around corner, are you as excited as I am? I really love all the Christmas decorations and spending extra time with my loved ones. Being a nurse, I will be working dayshift on christmas day at the hospital to take care of the patients who are unfortunately too sick to spend Christmas at home. As nurses we go out of our way to provide the patients a merry Christmas. After all it’s the season of giving. And this year it feels even more special for me as the deadline for my second DDJF fundraiser is set for just before Christmas.

This year was very special for all 3T fans because of the 3T weekend with the two awesome concerts in Amsterdam last September. I am still so very sorry for the fans who weren’t able to attend the shows. I truly hope you could join in some of the experience, at least partly, via 3T Fans United. 3T means so much to us fans, we all have our story that made as becoming a fan. Besides buying 3T’s wonderful music or going to their concerts, another great way to show your love to 3T, above all in Christmas season, is to support and donate to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF). As you very very likely know already, it was launched by Taj, Taryll and TJ in honor of their late mom. We know, TJ, Taryll and Taj will appreciate every single donation given to the DDJF, no matter how little or big it may be. They know it’s done out of love to support the mission of their beloved mom which was to protect, love and guide as many people as possible — near and far, family, friend or stranger.

Past summer, just before the 3T weekend,  3T Fans United and I brought fans together and fundraised 800 dollars for the DDJF Foundation. We all can be very proud of how much money we collected. In this little clip by dear fellow fan Sona Ravindra you can see and hear how TJ thanked us. These words by TJ touched us deeply and meant a lot to us. None of us had ever imagined receiving such a touching and public appreciation. Wow!

It will hard to impossible to top this kind of appreciation. With the next fundraiser I’m doing with the support of 3T Fans United, we want to do something new for recognition. So I thought of making a collage of all the fans that donated.

How does it work?

  1. Donate to the DDJF
  2. Send us a fun photo of yourself
  3. Along with your photo send us the donation receipt you got from the DDJF
  4. I will make a big collage and it will be posted on social media on December 23rd

sun-451441_960_720If you are living somewhere in the European Union, with Euro as your main currency, and you do not have a credit card yourself, you can even transfer your donation to me and I will give it to the DDJF as I will make one big donation in December 22nd. Just let me know!

Let us 3T fans unite and support the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation! In the spring of 2017 a new group of children will be joining the “Music Heals” program. A six week program for one child costs about 3,500 dollar. Ten children will make a class, every amount we raise is definitely very welcome to support kids in need! At this moment there is a child in loss and grieve. Let us give that child a HAPPY new year!

Are you raising or saving money to donate to the DDJF? Why not tell us about it in the comment section? I would love to hear your stories and ideas.

Until next time! Much Love,

P. S. Send your receipts, pictures or questions to

Dee Dee Jackson Foundation A lot of children are going through loss and grief. The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) is reaching out to those in need by offering them music therapy. If you would like to support the DDJF, donate directly via or join Dineke's fundraiser - let's unite and share the Power of Love.

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