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Photo: Mike Spelta

Photo: Mike Spelta

I love the idea of sort of making a sort of paper about 3T, but when I think about it, it’s hard! The rule I made myself is to be COMPLETELY honest. My ‘fan’ time has had its up en downs and sometimes I was having very critical mixed feelings about them. So, if you are liking this piece of not, it’s my truth and it was written with a lot of LOVE.

The Beginning 1994

I was 10 years old and with no internet you were relying on newspapers, tabloids and teenage music magazines. I was already a HUDGE Michael Jackson music fan so the deal I had with my parents was that every article involving the name Jackson was to be cut out of any paper what so ever.

That first 3T article was the article of their mothers death. It was reported that Delores Jackson was found dead in her swimming pool. The mother and manager of het 3 sons was divorced from Tito enz enz. It was very sad but I immediately thought, manager of her 3 sons?! That was my first knowledge of 3T.

Brotherhood came out in 1995 and I was sold with the first single. I was always saying to my parents that I was born to late in time. I would have loved the Jackson 5 period and the evolution of Michael Jackson. I wanted to be of age so that I could visit concerts and buying music. But with 3T coming around, they were my generation!

My best friend at the time had older brothers and they were Michael Jackson fanatics. Their whole room was covered from ground to sealing with Michael’s face. They are the starters of me becoming a fan. All the time I was playing there, the music was on, video’s were in the background as we were playing with our dolls. My Action man (Barbie’s husband) was called Michael. But now we were having our own idols and soon her room was covered with 3T. I wasn’t allowed to put up posters at that time. Hours we spend on looking at the posters, learning the lyrics and playing the cd, over and over again. Taj had 276 braids, we were always counting his braids at any poster. I was in love with Tito Joe and Taryll’s voice was so sweet.

They appeared on ‘Telekids’ and the TMF awards but I wasn’t allowed to go. To young according to my parents. Also too young to sing along with ‘Sexual Attention’. I wasn’t allowed to sing that song. My mom would come into my room to skip that song!

The first time I heard Michael’s part on ‘I need you’ definitely the connection of fandom was made. ‘Why’ was (and still) is a masterpiece. Funny to learn years later that Michael had the song for himself and then gave it to 3T. All the Brotherhood songs give me a special feeling and as well as Michael’s songs, they speak to me in different times in life. Good or bad.

Then there was the trial and the radio silence begun. Years went by and I was still listening to Brotherhood. The focus was more on Michael at that time about 1997-2002. I saw video’s of Michael sometimes being accompanied with the T’s ore pictures with them when they were younger. Internet was coming slowly so sometimes I saw pictures. I just assumed that they were studying.

And then out of no were was ‘Stuck on You’. At first I heard it on the radio I wasn’t enthusiastic. I was like, a cover come back, WHAT come on! Until I saw the video!! OMG they were mature end looking FINE!! My 19year old self was in AW! And there was the silence one more. A few years later Identity came out and I wasn’t pleased at all. A few songs I liked but that was it. ‘I Appreciate’ was my favorite ballad and I liked ‘Sex Appeal’ but that was it. The album is in my closet to be honest.

With the devastating death of Michael I was so unbelievable sad, the music was healing to me, Michael’s music as well as 3T’s music. The Michael Jackson fan base is so divide these days that being a fan is almost like picking sides to what you believe. It’s very sad and completely unnecessary. Michael was always about love and equality.

Being a 3 fan nowadays

I was joining Twitter I think 4 years ago and I started following Michael Jackson related accounts. The very first tweet I saw was from Taj. #3TisBack. I was like serious? Again?! So I became to follow the T’s and supported them at first with all the drama of their family and I was curious about ‘the comeback’.

Big Band Reunion came on and I was exited!!!! I watched the show on YouTube and I saw them struggle but the things and the routine was still there. The fun also! And the fans! So I was like yes there back! I was at the O2 arena Big Band Reunion concert and boy they made me cry! It was great! I wanted more!!

3T was on the guest list of the 90’s party in Holland October 2014 and I wasn’t going to make it, I missed that show because I was in a hospital. But with the promise of a new album I was optimistic about the come back and when they were coming to the ‘Foute Party’ in June, I was over the top happy!! I went 2 days and it was AMAZING!! As a fan…… It was also a bit sloppy and the voices were to soft against to the music. Taj wasn’t hearable true half the venue.

But as a fan I LOVED it and the Jackson’s medley gave me Goosebumps and tears in my eyes with I need You and Why. At least once a weak I see the YouTube registration or I hear it on my IPod. I wasn’t able to welcome them on Schiphol because I had to work But with the social media you’re always connected to them and I followed them that weekend online. I was assuming that they were leaving on Sunday but there were in Amsterdam all day and with a little talking over from others I went to Schiphol early in the morning on Monday. I saw them there for the very first time in person and it was so quick but so great. I’m a shy kind of person and I don’t like going into personal space with famous people but I had to overcome that to get the picture I always wanted. TJ is so tall and smelled so nice! Taj is so nice to us and talked a lot about the upcoming album and the show. I told him the braid counting story! Embarrassing but he was loving it! I couldn’t go to Taryll. I was so shocked of his resemblance to Michael that it was too emotional for me to come that close. I was so happy with my unlike myself action that I walked on clouds all week!!

And now with the Jacksons Next Generation on, my fan need is for filled all day long with all the tweets and all the buzz around it. The beauty on this time is the actual contact that you can have with them. I have great respect for the T’s for working so hard now, juggling private and work together. Were all grownups now, most important for me is that they have fun doing music. My feelings are that they don’t have to do it for Michael or their mother or us fans. They have to do music for themselves. Only then they are able to create magic. Off course I wish them a nr 1 hit again and as a fan I want to see concerts and hear their music on the radio. But it’s a hard industry these days. And it’s very hard to reinvent yourself without losing your identity. I wish them all the best and I will support them whatever they do in life. 3T has done what is new for me, they made me care about them apart from their music. I appreciate them as individual persons.

But after all the brotherhood must always come first.

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