How I found about 3T

It’s hard for me to write a fan story because I don’t know what to say nor how to express my heart out because I’m a very shy and a private person. I do have a story how I found about 3T.

Photo: 3T

Photo: 3T

My sister’s friend’s sister Nazik had sent me an email in 2006 with a photo with 3T and below the photo caption stated the sons of “Jackson Five” Tito Jackson and I thought to myself, wow they are good looking men. However, at the time I never knew Tito “Poppa T” Jackson had children because they always talking about Michael.

Nevertheless, my sister Alyssa got me hooked on Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, I would come home from school (high school) I watched every episodes and I remembered an episode of 3T were in the studio working on music. I researched them on the internet to learn more about them and saw that 3T lost their mom in the same year as I lost my father in 1994, my dad passed away few months before she did.

However, after losing my father at the very young age, I found life very hard but with 3T having been through a similar thing they taught me how to be strong, gave me the strength to overcome my fear in life, never give up on your dreams, goals, help to get past it and make him proud. I looked up their music and the first song I heard from them were “Stuck On You” and “Anything” which I immediately fell in love with 3T and their music. It took me a week to figure out their faces to their names.

Moreover, I became a 3T fan in 2009, I was already a fan of Michael Jackson. I joined the 3T fan base “3T Fans United” listening to 3T really helped me get through school and built up my self-esteem when I was kick down by people. I do appreciate the inspiration and the impact that they have on my life because I almost gave up on my education and listening to their music helped me get through a rough years of my school life because I didn’t know what my life would’ve been like if I gave up on my education. I feel like 3T for being truly a blessing in my life because they make all situations into an inspirational and positive way because we all go through a trials and tribulations in our lives.

I’m not sure if you all are aware that 3T and Taryll’s music are very therapeutic because it’s a stress reliever and its helps me to calms me a whole lot. 3T are quite different from other celebrities because they are very humble, are very kind, loving, caring, motivating, inspirational, strong and guidance which makes them fantastic role models to fans all over the world.

Finally, my fandom had changed drastically over the years where I’m more grounded and calmed now because I learned to take to focus on my life. However, I’m more involved in with my community, I definitely support the causes that my friends and family are a part of and donate to help find a cure the terrible diseases around the world, and I’m also looking to go back to school to pursue my Master’s Degree. Though I’ve made great friendships with fans through 3T because it felt like the boys had this strong magnetic field had attracted us to be in each other lives for a reason.

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