A Vision in PJ’s

contest_cheriprice_image1A vision in PJ’s then I heard ‘Anything’ and I’ve been a fan ever since!

That’s exactly how it began for me back 1995, I saw a picture of these three handsome guys. What struck me first was their style and their PJ’s, and there was no mistaking those beautiful Jackson genes. I was 14 years old at the time, and until now there was no current boyband or group that had really captured my heart.

The likes of new kids on the block, Backstreet Boys, Take That, to name but a few. I admired them all musically, but it was only after I saw and heard 3T that I was truly captivated. I’m taking all of my pocket money on every teen magazine, make my bedroom a shrine captivated!

The first time I heard ‘Anything’ it was on the radio and it warmed my soul, with their harmonies and those beautiful strings in the background. I remember watching their early UK appearances wishing so much that I lived closer to London, so that I could one day have a chance to see them live or meet them. 3 hours away though in Cardiff with just a few quid in my pocket if I were lucky, this poor small town girl wasn’t getting to London anytime soon but it never stopped me dreaming!

3T certainly helped me sail through some down right awful high school years, I got bullied but that Brotherhood album was my comfort through my solitude.


I remember in late ’96 I heard it on the radio an advert for the Brotherhood Tour. We didn’t have a lot of money back then and concerts were a rare treat. A few week’s later my step father presented me and my sisters with the tickets for the concert and I was totally elated!

So the big day came along, I remember I couldn’t get home from school quick enough! I remember so much about the show. All the 3T merch around the back of the stalls, and the 3T program that mum had treated us to, I still have that!

The show started with a curtain drop and ‘Brotherhood’ played out. Seeing 3T in the flesh for the first time was everything! I couldn’t hear myself think with all the screaming. I remember watching ‘ Tease Me’ and wishing TJ had picked me to be serenaded. Taj’s version of wonderwall was just genius! Taryll was being cheeky and pointing over to us and waving way way to the side at us in the stall’s 😀

Tito being there was so special the J5 medley was my absolute highlight! They closed the show with ‘I need you’ and I remember thinking how they looked like 3 beautiful glowing angel’s up there on that stage all dressed in white. They had the most breathtaking live vocal’s, and their presence and aura was so that of their uncle. Brotherhood live is one teen memory I will alway’s cherish!

Things got quiet around ’98 and I began to miss them. I heard that there was alot going on with them in their personal lives, but that never stopped me supporting them. When the letters stopped coming from the London based 3T fan club I joined, I didn’t have a computer at the time so I decided to start going online. So I began frequenting at a local cyber cafe. It was then that I found a few 3T forums and communities, and it was so wonderful to be able to talk to fellow fans. Suddenly the years go by and everyone’s growing up.


Deep down inside though I’m still that 14 year old girl with a dream of meeting her favourite boyband. It was lovely to see 3T back on the road promoting Identity, even if it didn’t reach us in the UK.

2011 is the next time I see 3T live. It was the most emotional night for me! And seeing their family there all in honour of Michael. I felt so utterly happy to have seen 3T live again after a 14 years.

Two years later one cold night on Feb 21st 2014 after the Big Reunion at Hammersmith, I finally achieved my teen dream of meeting 3T! And they were certainly worth the 18 year wait!

A year later I had the honour of meeting them to. They are the humblest most beautiful guys you could ever meet, and they have time for their fans to. My love and support will always be with them!


All photos by Cheri Price

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