When a Dream suddenly comes true

A short vacation to London turns into a surprise Meet & Greet with 3T

It’s the beginning of November 2013, it’s raining, I’m sitting somewhere in Germany in front of my personal computer and deciding under the impulse of the moment to book a flight to London in December for a couple of days. It’s my first hop to London, so I am understandably excited when finally heading off on December 9th.

It’s not just me being in London then but also my favorite singing group 3T. 3T are Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson who are the three sons of Tito Jackson and favorite nephews of Michael Jackson. They have just returned to London from Italy where they did four charity concerts. As everyone can imagine, I would have loved taking a flight to my favorite country Italy being able to see the three Teez “live” on stage but when finding out about the Italian shows I’ve already had booked my short trip to London.

After having spent two days in London going sightseeing — Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and even more — I’m browsing the latest tweets while having lunch at a tiny restaurant. I happen to read that 3T are planning a Meet & Greet in London just for December 1oth or 11th. This really makes me happy.

Meet & Greet are arranged meetings with a famous person or group providing the opportunity for a usually rather short conversation. In many cases special Meet & Greet tickets are raffled off by music channels or even sold by concert promoters to promote singers or singing groups and to build a close fan bond this way.

On December 10th Taj Jackson, the eldest brother of the three Teez and apparently acting as fan coordinator among the brothers, tweets the set date and time of the planned Meet & Greet:

In contrary to many other music groups you don’t have to win a raffle or even purchase a ticket to take part at the 3T Meet & Greet. Everyone who’d like to take part and is free is welcomed to join the Meet & Greet with 3T. Thank you so much!

Taj Jackson obviously even read my tweet:

This goes without saying! Of course it works out for me, and otherwise I would have made it to work out for me 😉

Then, on December 11th just before 6pm, I’m arriving — also on behalf of 3T Fans United — at Wetherspoons. Unfortunately the boys and girls at the pub know absolutely nothing about a Meet & Greet of 3T and are quick to say that it wouldn’t take place here because the given postcode was wrong.

But is there another O2 Center located at Finchley Road in London? Rather unlikely. After some confusion I find some fellow fans with similar “problems”. Some are noticeably worried, doubting we are at the proper location but just moments later 3T actually arrive in person.

Now I am excited as well. Taj is approaching and hugging me saying “great to have you here”. I’m glad and happy to be here, too. A dream is just coming true.

Prior the meeting I had been thinking a lot how it would be meeting Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson in person. Now I am — along with some fellow fans — as close to them as never before. I’m still a little jazzed and it’s not getting much better when TJ is asking me if I would be okay.


Over time I’m getting more eased. In between of numerous photo shoots I manage talking to all three Teez, among others about 3T, about their planned comeback, about their impressions from Italy and about their plans of maybe even coming to Germany in 2014. I’m stunned how amazing they are, so much grounded. They aren’t conceited or out of reach at all — not even to some extent. This is probably the reason why I am such a great fan of 3T. Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson aren’t just great singers, musicians and songwriters but above all, amazing and humble young men. It’s really a pleasure and honor spending some time with them.

Time does fly, soon 1.5 hours have passed and 3T’s manager urges them to leave.

Keeping in mind that many Meet & Greet only provide the opportunity of rather short conversations and few photo shoots, the length of this Meet & Greet alone proves how much 3T care about their fans and supporters.
This is also confirmed by their tweets following the Meet & Greet in London:
I and all 3T fans all over the world feel truly blessed by the love and time 3T is devoting to their fans- may it be on twitter or at events like the Meet & Greet in London.

Thank you so much for this wonderful evening — Taj, Taryll and TJ, you are simply amazing!

It’s one thing being fan of some singing group but it’s really something very special being fan of 3T.
#blessed #lovealways #seeyousoon #ComeToGermany

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