A Strange Observation

Hi Everyone!

the other day, I was chatting with my friend Becky, who is also a fan of all the Jacksons, especially Michael. But she had heard of 3T and was interested in them and came to me, to see what I could tell her about them.

Somehow the conversation got around to who our favorites were–once Becky got the hang of putting the right name to right face on the Teez. Mine is Taryll and hers is TJ. And we got to talking about if we would date them, if we didn’t already have our own boyfriends.

So I made the remark of how it’d be cool to date Taryll, but he’s just so dang pretty, I’d be slapping women off him left and right. Becky laughed and agreed saying that TJ “looks sexy all the time”

That got us both to thinking about Taj. We sat for a long moment contemplating him.

We sat and spent so long talking about Taj, I think 2 countires negotiating a treaty took less time.

And we both kind of reached the conclusion that TAJ was the best one to date because he seemed quiet (Becky can TALK!!!!) and was nice and was good looking, but not like TOO good looking. Like guy next door good looking. Approachable. LOL.

If that makes sense. We both were falling out laughing thinking about it. We were both digging a different brother, but completely agreed on the very same one we’d over looked.

Well I hope someone finds this interesting!

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