An Old Photo

J_e_t_t_o-3T-2010_oldWell, it’s been a while since I “Disappeared” from my 3T world until one day I was browsing the net and suddenly landed on a site where I saw an old photo of the boys…I smiled and remembered being crazy over the group, especially with Tj, for me he has the cutest smile and the perfect face for my passion for photography. I even dreamed of having him as a model but… It was just literally a dream.

I remember playing “I need you” over and over again on my player until the whole family had memorized every single word,lol (glad they liked the song). I have all these local magazines and song books that featured them, CD’s and I even had personalized small pillow that have their photo and that’s always with me wherever I go. And then one day a relative came to stay with us got fed up with all this 3T stuff (A Michael Hater,sorry) that talked her way to my parents to stop me from getting hooked to the Jackson’s music which actually introduced to me by my parents (she informed them about those MJ false stories and accusations). And from there I did obey my parents and gave away all my 3T stuff to a friend and concentrated on my studies almost forgetting everything about them… until that day I saw an old picture…

And I started browsing sites where I can find a 3T song and found “Stuck On You” on youtube, It was an old favorite from Lionel Richie and I had a wide smile on my face, I didn’t expect that they would remake the song which had a huge impact on me because of an old flame that I had been ignoring for a long time and came out to be an unfinished business and 3T had to remind me… Of course all got well with me and the guy until we ended up to be just good friends until today.

And so I continued to browse and found this site; 3Tfansunited, and now that I am updated about the boys it is so good to know that they are doing well in their lives of course a lot of us fans are still hoping for more music from them and hopefully get back on the stage. And that relative had gone to other country and I that I had been free to decide for myself so I will be what I am for 3T, a fan that will continue to support them whatever happens they will always be included on my prayers and before I forgot I had a copy of that old photo for keeps, and for the boys… God Bless You!

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