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I am sad to say our second fundraiser for the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) has come to an end. I loved writing the blogs and being in contact with a some of you. I want to thank you for your support of the blogs so far. For now I am taking a break from writing the blogs. I have to focus on my studying. In the near future we will start another fundraiser. We will keep you updated about that on this page. Untill then you can keep donating to the DDJF on their website And if you need help donating, please contact me and I will help you the best that I can.

Some of you wanted to donate but did not have the finances to do so.   That is fine and please do not worry about it.  I got the most heart-warming reactions from you about the fundaiser here is one from Edwina Richardson:

“ Thank you for inviting us 3T fans to be part of DDJFOUNDATION collage.  I love their weekly Radio Talk Show.  They truly makes a difference in our lives. They have inspired and lift my spirits during my grief this year. I am truly honored to donate again.”

The total amount we of money raised is 383,12 dollars!  A part of that amount is already donated by individual donations, the other part I will donate. This is more than I could imagine raising with the help of all of you!

Edwina, Heather, April, Sona, Christine, Doreen, Nathalie, Dineke, Wenxia and Teo.

Chrisine and I would want to wish you a merry Christmas, filled with laughter, joy and love. For you reading this and going through grief and loss, I will be burning a candle for you to give you strength, faith and hope.

Untill next time and I love you all!

Much love Dineke

P.s. I want to thank the Dee Dee Jackson foundation for their permission to post the blogs, and for the information I received from them. The foundation has the ability to influence and change people’s / children’s lives.  That to me is something amazing.

Dee Dee Jackson Foundation A lot of children are going through loss and grief. The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) is reaching out to those in need by offering them music therapy. If you would like to support the DDJF, donate directly via or join Dineke's fundraiser - let's unite and share the Power of Love.

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