Dineke’s Blog

Our team member Dineke, an avid volunteer, will be writing a blog relating to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF). You can look forward to this blog, every two weeks, here on 3T Fans United. We are excited to share that Dineke and 3T Fans United will also be organizing another fundraiser for the DDJF!

Donating to the DDJF

I am sad to say our second fundraiser for the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) has come to an end. I loved writing the blogs and being in contact with a some of you. I want to thank you for your support of the blogs so far. For now I...

Christmas – the Season of Giving

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Christmas season is just around corner, are you as excited as I am? I really love all the Christmas decorations and spending extra time with my loved ones. Being a nurse, I will be working dayshift on christmas day at the hospital to take...

Music Heals

Hi everyone, Welcome again to my blog! In my previous blog article I wrote about my loss and grief experience through bullying. The positive feedback I got from y’all was amazing. Thank you! Reading all your individual stories, I realized how much of a problem bullying is. I felt, for a...

My Story about Loss and Grief

In her second blog article DDJF supporter Dineke is sharing her personal story of loss. She’s opening up on how she lost trust and safety at the age of six.

Giving Back

Welcome to our new blog relating to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) by our lovely team member Dineke. Find out why she’s supporting the DDJF.