Taryll Adren Jackson

Photo: Christine Krüger

Full name: Taryll Adren Jackson
Date of birth: 8 August, 1975

Taryll, the middle T, has two sons with Breana Cabral: Bryce Connor (*2008) and Adren Michael (*2011) to who he is a doting father.

Like his brothers, Taryll was an excellent baseball player at school. Today he is still actively involved in baseball as the kids coach.

After having to deal with two big losses, music is where Taryll finds comfort. Making music goes beyond 3T for Taryll. He has always been nicknamed Mr. Music who thinks music 24/7. Taryll is a full-time musician who has a well equipped studio at his home. He’s writing, composing and producing songs both for 3T, himself and outside artists.

Taryll lend his voice to the spoken bridge of his uncle’s song “Hollywood Tonight’ that is featured on the album MICHAEL which got released in November of 2010. While the song “Be My Girl” by Taryll got featured on the Adidas 2 Music project, he was working on his first solo album hoping to make family, friends and fans proud.

In 2012, Taryll made his solo debut releasing two EPs and two singles. Taryll considers his uncle Michael as his biggest inspiration. Writing and recording particularly “Best of All Time” was an emotional roller coaster for Taryll. It found himself laughing, reminiscing on wonderful memories with his uncle.

Lately, Taryll has found his love for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and is learning the art of becoming a DJ.