Tariano Adaryll II “Taj” Jackson


Photo: Christine

Full name: Tariano Adaryll II “Taj” Jackson
Date of birth: 4 August, 1973

Taj, the oldest T, is married to Thayana Sco. Their wedding was held exactly on the day 41 years after Taj’s parents Tito and Dee Dee got married in 1972.

At school, Taj enjoyed an outstanding baseball career. He graduated from Buckley High School in 1991. Going to Loyola Marymount University, Taj was the first Jackson to attend a university since his grandparents Joseph and Katherine Jackson moved with their nine children from Gary to Los Angeles.

Taj is an entrepreneur, photographer and a director. In colloberation with two partners, Taj founded creative company Kamelian where he serves as CEO.

Film making is a passion Taj shared with his Uncle Michael. “After this, we’re doing films” , were the final words Michael Jackson said to him. In honor of his uncle Taj directed the zombie series “Code Z”.

Taj always stands up for his uncle’s and family’s legacy fighting tirelessy to keep the legacy true and intact.